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A comprehensive tailored travel service
RiNi Student BEST (RSB)

A Comprehensive Travel Solution for International Students

Tailored travel service

We provide service to cater to the unique needs of international students

RiNi Student BEST (RSB)

RiNi Student BEST (RSB), a comprehensive tailored travel service is designed to provide end-to-end travel solutions for international students. This service aims to offer travel independence to students, covering various aspects of their travel experience, from travel advisory to visa support, accommodation support, work settlements, and more.

The RiNi Student BEST is a personalized service to cater to the unique needs of international students, who often face challenges when traveling abroad for studies.

The service is designed to provide a seamless and hassle-free travel experience, ensuring that students can focus on their academic pursuits without worrying about the logistical aspects of travel and settlement.

Key features of “RiNi Student BEST” (RSB)

RSB package provides expert travel advice to international students, helping them choose the best travel options based on their budget, preferences, and travel dates.

Comprehensive visa support; including document preparation, submission, and follow-up, to ensure that students secure their visas without any hassles.

RSB package assist international students find suitable accommodation options for easy settlement, including shared apartments, homestays, and student dormitories,
based on their preferences and budget.

Provides assistance to students in finding part-time work opportunities, helping them earn while they study and gain valuable work experience.

RSB package offers travel insurance to students, providing them with financial protection against unforeseen events such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and lost or stolen luggage.

The RSB is an advantage to international students. The 24/7 support to international students provide a dedicated point of contact for any queries or concerns pre and post-travel period. The end aim is to provide seamless and hassle-free travel and settlement experiences.

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